Health Canada acknowledges the concerns of shooters but Criminal Code leaves them powerless.

A recent email was received from Tim Singer, the Director General of Environmental and Radiation Health Sciences Directorate at Health Canada.  This email was a response to correspondence forwarded to him from our Minister of Health regarding the status of sound moderators in Canada.  In the email, he admits that there are risks associated with the noise levels from firearms.  “Health Canada acknowledges the concerns you have raised regarding the potential impacts of noise emissions originating from the use of firearms and the possibility that this creates an exposure that is hazardous to hearing.”  But goes on to explain that “sound moderators are regulated under the Criminal Code and do not fall under the scope of application of legislation administered by Health Canada. It is therefore recommended that you contact the Department of Justice on this matter.”

The letter discusses how best to mitigate, but not completely eliminate the risks to the hearing of shooters with the equipment that is available to us.

We look forward to the opportunity for further dialogue with representatives and experts from health Canada.

You can read the full email here:

Health Canada Letter

Health Canada Letter