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Sound Moderators Canada Launches Petitions to the House of Commons

Brad Trost, Member of Parliament
Arnold Viersen, Member of Parliament


With the strong support of Alberta MP Arnold Viersen, and Saskatchewan MP Brad Trost, we launched an official petition in early 2017 to the government of Canada. Signatures were collected, and now this will be presented to the Government in the House of Commons.  Arnold Vierson will present the petition on paper, and Brad Trost will present the e-petition to the house.  This will be an incredible tool to show our politicians just how much support there is for this cause.

More information will be posted as the petitions are presented and later responded to in the fall sitting of Parliament.

This Petition received a tremendous amount of support nation wide and we thank each and every person who took the time to sign and show support. Additionally, hundreds of volunteers helped spread the paper petition and helped spread the online petition via social media, blogs, and gun related media outlets.  To each of you – Thank you for your hard work!

And of course, A Big Thanks  To All of Our Strong Supporters for Hosting This Petition!


In addition to the petition, we would like to challenge everyone reading this to write a letter or email your MP about the prohibition of sound moderators in Canada. It’s through voices like yours that this petition has come to life.  Who knows, if we as a community are vocal enough, we may even see change!  The reality is that this is a simple prohibition to change, and any Government of the day could do it easily.

In addition to whoever you address in parliament, please CC the following MP’s on your emails:

Leader of the Official Opposition

Prime Minister of Canada

Public Safety Minister


This is a chance to start a national discussion on something the entire shooting community can get behind. A chance for this community to control the dialog and tell our politicians what is important to us.

Most importantly, it’s a simple change.